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Single Gear, Belt-Driven
The simplicity of a single gear bike has always fascinated us and left us dreaming of one day making it electric! We chose belt-driven for less maintenance, lighter weight, and no lubrication so it lasts forever!
Sleek Hub Motors
Away with those big clunky hub motors! We went with a powerful, low profile, sleek hub motor that will make others question why they can't keep up. 
Concealed Battery 
Since everyone will already be wondering if you really are that fast, we decided to leave them guessing with a concealed 250WH battery in the down tube. Yes, you will be able to charge the battery without removing it!
FLX Co-Founder 
Currently Riding 3,000 Miles From Calais, France Down To Sicily, Italy
Ultimate Stress Test!
During this time, Pete will have a chance to discover any weaknesses in the engineering allowing us to make any tweaks before final production begins.
Redefine Your Exploration
Minimalist Design, Light-weight and Quick!
 What's Next?
Pete's 3,000-mile journey has been going great! He is loving the bike and even found a couple of tweaks that are already being made. After that, final production begins!
 CrowdFunding Round 2!
We're doing Crowdfunding, Round 2 very soon! To bring you the best price we're going to get a massive community involved and pass the volume savings on to you. We expect to launch in early 2020.
 How Does CrowdFunding Work?
If you are not familiar with crowdfunding here's how it works.
The first group of customers gets the lowest price and after "x" number of bikes are sold it tiers up and gets slightly more expensive for the next group. Signing up for the exclusive email list will allow us to make sure you get the best pricing available!
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